Friday, January 12, 2018

Visiting Dark Hedges in northern Ireland

It is already over a year ago  since I visited Ireland for the first time. One week is surely not enough to see everything but I still remember few locations that really impressed me enough to vsit again one day.

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The Dark Hedges - an avenue of beech trees in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Those old trees formed into atmospheric tunnel. Some time ago it was used as the location for Game of Thrones serie, and became a very common tourist attraction.

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I was lucky to get there around 2 a.m. so except me and two other photographers there was nobody to disturb. On top of that the fog and sunrise 3 hours later allowed us to take nice moody photos. When I came back few house later, the road was already crowded with many buses and tons of tourist posing for the pictures. These two were taken during the day, but I had to use the graphic program to remove people and vehiclec.

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If you ever plan to visit there to take nice photos, just be sure to get there in the early morning. This is one of the places to remember forever! Also keep in mind that due to strong winds for over few years, some trees are already broken and removed and I am afraid these are not the last ones.

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Some of my photos taken at Dark Hedges were already used for the book covers.


  1. Really love what you've done with these landscapes. Very well presented

    1. Thank you very much Bill! The best ones I got were early in the morning.

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